billAnywhere.com Official Release

  • (Ottawa, ON) - March 06, 2009

    Phenomena Technologies Inc has announced the launch of billAnywhere.com their new innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) web-based business solution. billAnywhere is an application targeted at small to medium sized businesses, providing them secure and easy-to-use tools for managing their inventory in real-time, sales, billing, customers, suppliers, services, catalogs, accounts receivables, and reporting.

    "We designed billAnywhere to give small to medium-sized businesses an economical but effective means to succeed using many of the tools that large corporate enterprises have utilized to dominate their market," said George Kassyousef, President of Phenomena Technologies. "Until now, most small businesses could hardly afford the cost of business software, and the associated maintenance and tech support costs. With billAnywhere, businesses could now focus on their core business and not have to worry about the additional IT overhead costs."

    billAnywhere gives business owners an easy-to-use secure access to all of their critical information from any computer anywhere. In a single glance, owners or managers can see prospective customer data, sales and product performance metrics - all in real-time, allowing a company to react quickly to changing circumstances, therefore saving time, realizing higher profits, and avoiding costly mistakes.

    billAnywhere is currently being applied successfully in the Auto Parts industry, as well as a variety of other industries which also include Health Care, Supply, Service Delivery, Accounting, Online Stores, Information Technology, Freelancers, Real Estate, and Property Management.

    "billAnywhere give us a complete end to end fulfillment solution that allows us to manage thousands of inventory items in real-time, while seamlessly providing us the ability to sell online through our ecommerce store and customer portal," said Elie Yousef, founder of IAPExperts.com "It has also helped us get a clear and simple picture of our business, improved our client management abilities and helped us take our client relationships to a higher level."

    Businesses can give their customers access to purchase products directly through a secure online portal with billAnywhere's webStore feature, thus allowing businesses to be more cost effective in selling their products and allows them to focus on growing their business.

    billAnywhere also includes the feature that allows businesses to provide their bookkeepers or accountants with secure access to their sales data making bookkeeping easy.

    Phenomena Technologies does not store here, it is focusing on adding many new features to billAnywhere in the following releases of the software.

    To find out more about billAnywhere or to sign up for a free account, then please visit our website at http://www.billAnywhere.com

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