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billAnywhere is a cross-browser rich internet application that enables business owners to run and operate their business from any location, any where in the world.

  • No more hardware and software costs
  • No need to have your own IT staff
  • Manage realtime inventory, services, catalogs, customers, accounts receivables, and detailed reporting.
  • Full end to end fulfillment allows your business to grow with ease.
  • Give your warehouse, sales, marketing, book keeper and all your staff access.
  • Give your customers an online portal to your store or sell online directly to the public.
  • Visit billAnywhere.com to find out more.
Phenomena Technologies bizBox

The bizBox is a powerful all-in-one server for small businesses that runs and manages your IT infrastructure so you can focus on better delivery of your products and services without the IT worries:

  • Keeps your business running and your data secure
  • Maximize your employees productivity
  • Connect with customers
  • Streamlines your communication
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